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My musical work is all about spreading Brazilian Jazz, that is, presenting the whole range of Brazilian music (mainly Bossa-Nova, Samba, Baiao and Choro, among other rhythms) enhanced with jazz elements. The album “Jazz Popular Brasileiro” was planned with much love by me and pianist and producer Klaus Mueller, who has also lived in Brazil and loves Brazilian music. The songs were all arranged by Klaus and contain some Sambas and a lot of Bossa-Nova, which contributed a lot to make this album very romantic.
We are now finishing the production of this project which was recorded in 2018 during a small tour and has great titles by composers like Cartola, Baden-Powell, Gilberto Gil, Jobim.

This album is very close to my heart. Its release has been delayed several times due to the pandemic, and I am very excited to finally share it with you. This album is about self-love and romantic relationships that extend into social and political issues.

Amazing musicians participated in this project: with Brazilian drum legend Portinho (BR/USA), great pianist and producer Klaus Mueller (G/USA), and bassist Dudu Penz (BR/CH). Also, with the support of great drummer Simone Prattico (I), great pianist Ricardo Fiuza (BR/USA/SK), and great bassists Matheus Nicolaiewsky (BR/N) and Stefan Kurmann (CH). Thanks, everybody!


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