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DEFAULT : New Brazil Jazz Album "Pra Voce"
30.05.2014 16:17 (1953 x gelesen)

Pra Voce is the result of my musical work in recent years from wich I have been acquiring new musical impressions. These impressions expanded and influenced both my conception and may vocal interpretations. The CD Pra Voce is a jazzy mix of Brazilian rhytms such as samba, choro and bossa-nova with a twist of classical music. Harmonies and melodies that fascinate me and are always very present in my work as an interpreter. My passion for music began in my childhood in São Paulo, my hometown,  with the music from  Radio, major music festivals and with the protest and the uprising  against the military dictatorship, present in the poetry of composers such as Chico Buarque, Geraldo Vandré and Joao Bosco. It also began with my love for MPB (Brazilian Pop Music), Bossa Nova, Jazz  and Pop music.

Later, my experience as an actress in theater and musicals for kids would further reinforce my desire to deepen myself in the creative work of vocal expression. My greatest wish was to devote myself, both body and soul to this work. At that time the fascination for music and theater led me to an interest in different musical styles and their interpretations. This interest and fascination with music are still omnipresent. It is with real happiness that I express myself through music and have the prestige to share that passion not only with my musicians, but also with you: Brazilian Music  Fan.

Many Thanks to Franco Petrocca, Ricardo Fiuza, Bodek Janke, Tony Lakatos, Klaus Mueller and Portinho who supported me in this project and contributed with their talent and musical experience. I consider myself lucky and greatly honored ! HP Ockert for your special participation. My son Ralf Eric for your beautiful and courageous participation. I am very proud of you ! Dave Darlington for your great mixing and mastering the CD. Holger Engel for your technical and musical support. Berit Erlbacher for the beautiful photos, artwork and your professional support.

My family and friends who believe in me and support me and my work.

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